Would you like to be a part of 'Stainmore150'?

Many people and organisations have already offered to help us prepare for the 'Stainmore 150' celebrations. But we will need a lot more support if we are going to make the project a success. Are you able to help us?
In the coming year we are likely to need three kinds of helper
  • If you have an interest in railway restoration and operation, the care of the site and long term future of the Kirkby Stephen East Project please consider joining our team as a regular volunteer. There are many different kinds of work that you can specialise in, from the restoration and maintenance of locomotives and rolling stock to track and signaling, property maintenance and visitor operations. Take a look at our regular KSE web site here for the kinds of long term volunteer projects available.
  • If your interest is more focused on this year's celebrations why not consider joining us on a short term basis in 2011 to provide help for this year? There are going to be a lot of activities where we know that we could use extra pairs of hands to get things ready in time, from the heaviest of work in getting track and signaling completed to tasks like painting and decorating, meeting and greeting visitors and getting the gardens into good order. If your interest is in Kirkby Stephen rather than railways this might be the option for you.
  • If you can't commit much time during the year but can help us with events dealing with tasks like ticket sales, and helping with visitor services like parking, catering and the bookshop then you would really be helping us welcome the numbers of visitors we are hoping for on our key Open Days.
To volunteer your time in any of these ways please call in at Kirkby Stephen East on any Saturday or Sunday between 10:00AM and 4:00PM and we'll show you around and give you further information. Oryou can complete the volunteer form here and we will get in touch with you to suggest ways in which you can help us.